Blue Job
.5 Ounce Container - $10.00

Blue Job

Exhaust Pipes Blue? Discolored? Rusty? Blue Job is a must for the biker. Blue Job removes the oxidation-caused discoloration, or "bluing", that plagues some chrome-plated exhaust systems.

Blue Job is a fine, highly concentrated powder that mixes with water, forming a thick, non-abrasive paste that is rubbed on using a supplied .5 x 10-inch applicator cloth. Three to five minutes of aggressive scrubbing will effectively dress-up a small portion of pipe, depending on the severity of the stain.

Blue Job contains no perfumes or waxy residue. The non-toxic formula even works on road grime and burned-on boot marks. Will not scratch or dull chrome.

Environmentally Safe.

Fast and Easy, this Super Concentrated High Tech Powder Leaves no Oily Residue Behind.

For Best Results:

  • Let pipes cool.
  • Lightly dampen supplied applicator cloth.
  • Dab cloth into powder.
  • When removing exhaust pipe discoloration or rust, make a paste on the pipe or chrome surface.
  • Rub surface hard to remove discoloration (do a small area at a time).
  • Finish with a clean dry cloth