Flitz Buff 'n Polish Ball 6" Large

Flitz Buff 'n Polish Balls

This Flitz Buff 'n Polish Ball will give you professional results every time. The 6" diameter ball has hundreds of "Polishing Fingers" that get into hard-to-reach areas quickly and easily. This ball fits any standard 3/8" or " drill or air tool. Patented orbital design buffs at speeds up to 2500 rpm and won't overheat/cake up. Great for smooth or textured surfaces. (DRILL NOT INCLUDED)

Safely and easily buff out Scuff Marks, Light Scratches, Oxidation, Chalking, Tarnish, Pitting and Corrosion. Use on ALL Metals, Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass, Eisenglass, and Wood. Cleans Diamond Plate in seconds!


Auto/Truck/Marine: Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly. Try to avoid washing with household detergents which contain Alkali or Ammonia because they can harm the surface, leaving it dull and streaked. Automotive cleaning products remove dirt and grime build-up without harming your vehicle's painted surface.

Motorcycle: Use on Chrome & Aluminum Wheels, Brake Dust, Spoked Wheels, Engine Casings, Framework, Exhaust Pipes, any hard-to-reach area.

RV: Use on Diamond Plate, Alcoa Wheels, faded Plastic Hatches, Fiberglass and Plexiglas. Also aids in the removal of black streaks.

Aviation: Use on Fuselage, Spinners, Propellers, Painted Surfaces, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Leading Edges, Plexiglas, Lexan Windows, Lights.

Restaurant/Janitorial: Use on Brass Railings, Chafing Dishes, Elevator Thresholds, Kick Plates, Door Frames, Bar Tops, Kitchen Vent Hoods, Beer Dispensers, Stainless Drinking Fountains.

Industrial: Use on Molds, Printing Plates and any other large, hard to get into items.

Kitchen/Bath/Home: Use on Tub & Shower Surrounds, Bar Sinks, Copper Kitchen Hoods, Stainless Steel Sinks, Kick Plates, Door Frames, Door Hardware. Safe on Granite or man-made Countertops.

Outdoor Living: Use on Spa, faded Fiberglass, Pool Ladders, Railings, Awnings, Patio Furniture, Lawn Architecture.

Musical Instruments: Use on Cymbals, Trumpets, Flutes, Guitar Frets and Nickel Clarinet Keys.


Flitz Buff 'n Wax Ball 8" X-Large

Flitz Buff 'n Wax Balls

This 8" X-Large Buff 'n Wax Ball is the same as the original version, only larger. It attaches to any standard 3/8" or " electric drill or air tool and can be operated up to 2500 rpm. It is washable and reusable. With many more "polishing fingers" you can safely and easily work on much larger areas a lot quicker. This X-Large ball can be used on all the same applications as the original version. (DRILL NOT INCLUDED)


Secure to any drill. Use only in forward or right rotation. Check tightness of center Phillips screw and felt covering screw area before each use. Buff lightly. Use high speed up to 2500 rpm to achieve highest luster. Repeat if necessary. For extended life of fabric, do not stay on one area more than 30 seconds, or use to polish sharp edges. Wash Flitz Polishing Ball by hand or machine. If very dirty, pre-soak in detergent with water. Rinse and let air dry. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. When polishing ball gets too dirty it will not produce the brightest shines. Wash ball often to achieve best results.

Front & Side Views

Flitz Mini Buff Balls

The Flitz Buff 'N Polish Ball is also available is two smaller versions; a 3" diameter Mini, and a 2" diameter Super-Mini. They both include an 8"shaft that extends your reach and protects your hands. The shaft is covered with a sleeve to protect the surfaces you are buffing. The Flitz Mini Buff Balls attach to any standard 3/8 or " electric drill or air tool, and can be run up to 2000 rpms. These unique mini versions will buff small and recessed areas with greater ease since their unique design allows them to get into areas where most polishing tools can't reach. Use them to buff Motorcycle Components, Spokes, Engines and more. They buff tight areas to a bright shine quickly and easily.

Flitz Mini Buff Ball 3" Diameter $28.00  

Flitz Super-Mini Buff Ball 2" Diameter $26.00  

How to Clean & Care for your Flitz Mini and Super-Mini Buff Balls:

Hand wash only. For best results soak ball overnight in a bucket of soapy water. We've found that Dawn dish soap works quite well. Remove from bucket and rise well. Air Dry and Fluff.


  Save Money by Purchasing a Flitz Polish Ball Combo Pack

Flitz Polish Ball Combo Packs

Combo Kit 1 includes one 6" Large Polish Ball and one 2" Super Mini Ball.     $48.00  

Combo Kit 2 includes one 8" X-Large Polish Ball and one 3" Mini Ball.     $54.00  

Combo Kit 3 includes one 3" Mini Ball and one 2" Super Mini Ball.     $52.00