Wenol Metal Polish

Wenol Metal Polish is a versatile product that is good for use on ALL METALS. It delivers outstanding results in a variety of applications. It is formulated to accomplish different objectives. One formula offers an aggressive deep cleaner for restoration purposes. Another formula is a gentle ultra-soft finish polish for added brilliance wherever a "Show Quality" shine is a must. Another seals and protects for a longer lasting shine. All Wenol formulas are amazingly easy to use, and are chosen by a variety of people, for a variety of applications, for good reason. Wenol out performs all the others in polishing and protecting. Use it once and you'll continue to use it.

Our Wenol Polish Kit offers versatility and cost savings. It is for the enthusiast desiring the ultimate shine for metal surfaces. This kit contains three tubes of Wenol: 1-100 ML Tube Original Formula Wenol, 1-100 ML Tube Ultra-Soft Auto Wenol, and 1-150 ML Tube Wenol Polish (Hard Wax Sealer). More Product Info

Auto Wenol Polish is the first ever true "show quality" metal polish.

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Wenol Hard Wax Polish extends the life of your shine on all metals up to five times longer. When your shine begins to fade, don't re-polish, just re-seal.

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Buffing & Polishing Kits and Supplies

Buffing and Polishing Kits and Supplies are offered to meet a wide variety of usages. You'll find high quality products to fit your own particular, specific needs. We offer Felt Cones, Felt Bobs, Loose Section & Sewn Wheels, Taper Buffs, Facer Buffs, etc.

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Finish First Auto Polish is a synthetic polish that provides excellent protection to painted surfaces by utilizing a synthetic polymer.

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Finish Fast

Finish Fast is a synthetic high performance surface enhancer. Serves as a quick detailer.

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Blue Job

Blue Job is a must for the biker by removing deep bluing from pipes and headers.

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Flitz Buff 'N Polish Balls Flitz Buff 'N Polish Ball will make all your polishing jobs safe and easy. They are made of imported Italian Viscose which is an extremely tough but soft material that stands up well to polishing all surfaces. Viscose does not shed lint or rip on corners or sharp edges, so if you accidentally buff over a sharp edge it will not rip like foam pads can.

Flitz's revolutionary new Buff 'N Polish Ball fits all drills, air tools, drill presses and Bench Grinders. They are great for textured and smooth surfaces. They are machine washable and can be reused several times for both indoor and outdoor use. (DRILL NOT INCLUDED)

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