Today's expensive custom wheels and equipment, and the steadily increasing value of classic, custom, and specialty vehicles has created the demand for a softer, safe polishing product. ULTRA-SOFT Auto Wenol is meeting that demand.

Important: Auto Wenol is not intended to deep clean metals, but is a gentle, true "Show Quality" metal care product. For deep cleaning and stain removal - use original formula Wenol Metal Polish in the red tube.

New Auto Wenol's gentle formula takes the worry out of caring for wheels, trim, and equipment - and delivers a brilliance you don't expect from a metal polish. Use Auto Wenol sparingly (a single 100 ml tube can polish as many as 50 wheels). Apply with a SOFT polishing cloth (well worn sweatshirt material is recommended). Rub Auto Wenol into the metal GENTLY, then buff the clean surface to achieve a show quality shine. Auto Wenol provides a protective coating to ensure a lasting brilliance.

Helpful Hint: When polishing highly detailed areas, apply Auto Wenol with a slightly dampened (not wet) cloth. This simple step will eliminate the black residue that is common with metal polishing, and will make clean-up and final buffing a snap.

For Best Results: Clean metals first with Original Formula Wenol Metal Polish (in the red tube). Polish to a true "Show Quality" shine with Ultra-Soft Auto Wenol (in the blue tube). Sealing with Wenol Hard Wax Polish (in the pink tube) will keep them shining up to 5 times longer.

Highly Recommended for Billet Equipment & Whenever "Show Quality" is a must!!

100 ML Tube Auto Wenol

Wenol Special: 2 tubes:
1-Wenol Metal Polish
1-Auto Wenol

Wenol Special: 3 tubes:
1-Wenol Metal Polish, 1-Auto Wenol, 1 Wenol Polish (Hard Wax Sealer)
Wenol Polish in the pink tube is temporarily out of stock.