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New Sealer Wenol Polish Keeps Metals Shining Longer Than Ever!

Wenol's amazing new Hard Wax Sealer extends the life of your shine on all metals up to five times longer. When your shine begins to fade, don't re-polish, just re-seal with Wenol Polish (in the pink tube).
Touch-up, or refresh, your shine by simply re-applying another thin coat of Wenol Polish. It's easy to use, and will not dull your shine like most, similar products on the market. When you re-apply Wenol Polish, it will remove the old wax coating, and lightly touch-up, or renew, your brilliant shine again. Using Wenol Polish will not leave a wax build-up behind.

Important: If you wait too long and the shine disappears, it will be necessary to re-polish.

Wenol Polish is a must for brand new rims, or other equipment, by enhancing the shine and leaving a valuable coating of protection on your metals. Wenol Polish prevents water spotting and oxidation.

Especially good for aluminum, chrome and stainless.

For Best Results: Clean metals first with Original Formula Wenol Metal Polish (in the red tube). Polish and finish to a true "show-Quality" shine with new Ultra-Soft Auto Wenol (in the blue tube). Sealing with Wenol Polish ( in the pink tube) will keep metal shining up to 5 times longer.

Helpful Hint: A carnauba based product, Wenol Polish is excellent on painted surfaces by providing a beautiful, swirl-free shine. It restores dull finishes by quickly removing oxidation from tired paint, and buffs to a rich, deep luster that lasts for many months. One tube of Wenol Polish will cover at least three cars. Wenol Polish is safe for all automotive finishes, including lacquer, candy apple, and pearls.
Performance Tells All - Satisfaction Guaranteed

150 ml Tube Wenol Polish (Hard Wax)
This product item is temporarily out of stock.

Wenol Special: 2 tubes:
1-Wenol Metal Polish
1-Auto Wenol

Wenol Special: 3 tubes:
1-Wenol Metal Polish, 1-Auto Wenol, 1 Wenol Polish (Hard Wax Sealer)
Wenol Polish in the pink tube is temporarily out of stock.