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Wenol Metal Polish

As seen on TV, in leading magazines, and at several hundred car, truck and motorcycle shows.

Easy to use, Original Formula All-Purpose Wenol Metal Polish makes restoring old metals easy. This quick restorer is packed with gentle cleaners that SAFELY reach deep into metals - where stains hide - and get them out! Wenol quickly removes surface rust, oxidation, animal stains, and soap and hard water spots in just minutes. And, there's no need for hard rubbing. Simply apply a SMALL amount of Wenol Metal Polish to the surface, or to the polishing cloth, and rub gently. Then, use a soft, dry cloth and buff the cleaned area to a brilliant new shine. May also be applied with power buffers. On tough stains, rub slightly longer - NOT HARDER. You'll be delighted with the fast, professional results Wenol delivers. Not suitable for coated surfaces. WENOL cleans, polishes, and protects in one easy step to quickly restore your metals to new again.

Recommended For: Aluminum, Brass, Copper - Chrome, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Stainless, Magnesium, and Pewter. ALL METALS!

PLUS: Fiberglass, Plexiglass, Tile, Formica, Enamel Surfaces, and much, much more.

For Best Results: Clean metals first with original formula Wenol Metal Polish (in the red tube). Finish to a true "Show-Quality" shine with new Ultra-Soft Auto Wenol (in the blue tube). Sealing with new Wenol Hard Wax Polish (in the pink tube) will keep metals shining up to 5 times longer.

Wenol Special: 2 tubes:
1-Wenol Metal Polish
1-Auto Wenol

Wenol Special: 3 tubes: 1-Wenol Metal Polish, 1-Auto Wenol, 1 Wenol Polish (Hard Wax Sealer)
Wenol Polish in the pink tube is temporarily out of stock.